The IOM Group

An International Centre of Workplace Health Excellence

IOM (Institute of Occupational Medicine) was founded in 1969 by the National Coal Board (NCB) as an independent charity in the UK and retains this charitable purpose and status today. The "Institute" has a subsidiary, IOM Consulting Limited, which became fully independent in 1990 and now celebrates its 25th year within the IOM Group as an independent consultancy and also the commercial part of the IOM organization. It specializes in asbestos surveys and services, occupational hygiene services, nanotechnology safety, laboratory analysis and expert witness consulting services. IOM is therefore one of the UK's major independent "not for profit" centres of scientific excellence in the fields of environmental health, occupational hygiene and occupational safety.

IOM's mission is to benefit those at work and in the community by providing quality research, consultancy, surveys, analysis and training and by maintaining an independent, impartial position as an international centre of excellence.Whether your requirement is for multi-disciplinary research, strategic advice, expert opinion or on-site measurement and monitoring, we can help.

The Group established its Centre of Excellence in nanotechnology safety (Safenano) in 2006 which now provides international consulting and research expertise.

IOM established its South East Asian operation in 2012 as part of a wider reach to regions that are developing legislation and compliance in workplace health and safety.

Did you know?

87% was the increase in occupational disease reported in Singapore in 2011 (source: