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Diesel Engine Exhaust – Are you at risk?

Posted by Midori Courtice
In Great Britain, diesel engine exhaust is the third largest contributor to occupational lung cancer and causes 8% of all occupational cancer deaths. In the lead up to 'Breathe Easy Week' taking place next month (13 to 19 June), we’re familiarising ourselves with lung diseases, some of the main occupational risk factors, and management of these potential hazards. This week we talk about Diesel Engine Exhaust.

Tobacco Smoke in the Workplace: You don’t need to be a Smoker to be Exposed!

Posted by Midori Courtice
Breathe Easy Week takes place next month (13 to 19 June), and in the lead up to it, we’re familiarising ourselves with lung diseases and some of the main risk factors at work. This week also marks ‘World No Tobacco Day’ on 31 May so let’s talk about Environmental Tobacco Smoke.

Be a nuisance to dust!

Posted by Robert Aitken
Don’t let anyone tell you “it’s just a bit of nuisance dust”. In the lead-up to the British Lung Foundation's Breathe Easy Week, we're talking about "DUST". Nuisance dust was a term coined by ACGIH to describe airborne materials (solids and liquids) which have ‘little’ harmful effect on the lungs and do not produce significant disease when exposures are kept under reasonable control. However, in the UK alone, dust exposure at the workplace is responsible for more than 10,000 deaths a year.

It’s Sun Awareness Week… Are you at risk of skin cancer?

Posted by Midori
This week is Sun Awareness Week, and it needs attention because skin cancer is preventable and a lot more could be done! One in every three cancers is skin cancer. The World Health Organization estimates that between 2 million and 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) and 132,000 melanoma skin cancers occur globally each year. It is difficult to determine how many of these are occupationally-related but in Great Britain, it’s been estimated on average five people a day are diagnosed with skin cancer contracted at work. Anyone working outside in the sun can be affected; outdoor work does not have to be full-time to pose a problem.

It’s world asthma day, so let’s talk about the haze… will it happen this year?

Posted by Midori Courtice
May is clean air month and May 3rd is World Asthma day. According to World Health Organization estimates, 300 million people suffer from asthma and it’s the most common chronic disease among children. Asthma can be work-related if it is caused or worsened by exposure to substances at work. Whether your asthma is work-related or not, asthma sufferers should be cautious during periods of air pollution and stay indoors when advised to do so.