Ergonomics recommendations during COVID-19 to decrease the possibility of myopia and eye fatigue of your kids and yourself

Date: 09 October 2020

After the pandemic of COVID-19, more kids are getting myopia and almost everyone is experiencing eye fatigue everyday as people spends much more time indoor and in front of electronic visual display (e.g. computer, tablet, television) than before.

Meanwhile, other physical health problem may also appear due to the static posture in front of screens. From the perspective of ergonomics, here are a few tips from IOM Singapore to protect your vision and physical health.

  1. Please make sure your screen works well, which doesn’t involve any defects, non-uniformity in color or contrast, distortion or unwanted reflections. The top of the screen should be below your eye level to reduce the eye strain.
  2. Viewing distance is dependent on the size of display and type of tasks, but shall not be less than 30 cm in any circumstances. Typically 40 cm – 75 cm is recommended for larger monitor.
  3. Character heights subtending from 20’ to 22’ of arc for Latin characters and from 25’ to 35’ of arc for Japanese characters are recommended for most tasks. The stroke width shall be within the range of 10 % to 17 % of character height. (For more details, please refer to Table 1 below from standard ISO 9241-306)
  4. Dark images on a bright background (positive image polarity) is recommended to reduce eye strain.
  5. The display is recommended to be placed facing you and should not be too wide. Turning your head constantly to view the screen and an uncomfortable posture can cause tension in your shoulders and neck region, as well as headaches. The minimum viewing distance at which the full application width can be used are displayed in Table 2 below from standard ISO 9241-306.
  6. Where blink coding is used solely to attract attention, a single blink frequency of from 1 Hz to 3 Hz, with a duty cycle of 50%, is recommended. Where readability is required during blinking, a blink rate of 0.33 Hz to 1 Hz, with a duty cycle of 70%, is recommended.
  7. Last but not least, take a break from your computer. Just look away for a minute or two to a more distant scene, preferably something more than 20 feet away and blink your eyes rapidly for a few seconds.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more detailed and thorough consultation service on your workstation ergonomics. mailto:consulting@iom-world.sg

Ergonomics training services are provided in IOM Singapore as well. You may find the details from /services/human-factors-ergonomics/human-factors-ergonomics-training/.

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