Asbestos Services

Asbestos monitoring

Essential testing before, during and after asbestos remediation

The current regulations require asbestos to be managed with great care, as it can be disturbed by accident during emergency removal, through maintenance or repair work on asbestos containing materials (ACMs), during planned refurbishments or property repairs, and even by general wear and tear. Therefore, the monitoring of asbestos in the air is required in almost any situation in which asbestos materials are removed or disturbed.

What is an asbestos four stage clearance?

Air Monitoring is preceded and followed by additional steps, which when combined are typically known as a 'Four stage clearance'. This process is implemented following the removal of asbestos and typically involves the following:

  1. A visual check of the site condition to ensure that planned removal is complete.
  2. A thorough visual review and inspection of the enclosed work area to ensure that no obvious risks exist.
  3. An undertaking of air monitoring within the enclosure to establish the presence of asbestos fibres, coupled with subsequent lab analysis.
  4. A further air-monitoring assessment upon dismantling an enclosure.

Only upon completion of all these steps can a certificate of re-occupation be issued.

What does our asbestos air monitoring service include?

It is crucial to undertake a comprehensive assessment of any area of asbestos removal or disturbance and at IOM we undertake the following:

  • Background monitoring in areas where asbestos materials are present.
  • Witnessing smoke tests and commissioning of enclosures.
  • Leak testing for assessing fibre concentrations during removals out-with the enclosure.
  • Personal monitoring during asbestos activities.
  • Four stage clearance testing.
  • Visual inspections.
  • Reassurance monitoring.

In addition, it is vital to use an independent surveying company who are UKAS accredited to verify quality standards and to use a company who are independent of removal contractors; thus insuring objective advice.

Please remember that allowing staff or the public to re-enter an area that has not been properly assessed can result in fatal exposure to asbestos fibres.

Did you know?

87% Of Occupational diseases comprises of Noise induced deafness (NID)