Human Factors & Ergonomics

Ageing and Work

The number of elderly citizens in Singapore will triple to 900,000 by 2030 and there will only be 2.1 working-age citizens for each citizen aged 65 and above. Hence the push to extend working life requires us to have a better understanding of the effects that age-related change can have on our ability to work and how best to support our older workers. 

Our research in the area of ageing and work  feeds into our consultancy service. We have been involved in the collation of research evidence and the development of guidance for managing older workers, and the evaluation of the research evidence in relation to the physical capabilities of emergency service workers.   

Our expertise in this area includes:-

  • Workplace assessment to identify specific risk factors for older workers;
  • Recommendations on workplace and work organisation re-design to accommodate older workers;
  • Evaluation of objective physiological evidence in relation to work requirements and capabilities;
  • Use of the Work Ability Index to assess the capabilities of the workforce or to help with problem identification;
  • Occupational health assessment and fitness for work assessments of older workers.

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Did you know?

Slip, trip and falls are the most common type of workplace injury in Singapore.