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Mental Wellbeing

Official statistics suggest that the number of people reporting stress, anxiety or depression has not decreased in recent years.

In fact, the most recent statistics now show stress at work to be a bigger cause of workplace sickness absence than musculoskeletal disorders.

The most frequently reported causes of work-related stress include pressure from work, lack of managerial support and work-related violence and bullying.   Factors that are associated with increased workplace stress include changes at work including downsizing and changes to responsibilities held; poor interpersonal relationships at work; and difficulties with managers.  

Based on our research for the National Institute  for Health and Clinical Excellence and the European Commission we are able to provide the following skills in relation to managing mental wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Use of the HSE Management Standards to identify and solve local problems;
  • The use of online surveys to assess the levels of organisational stress while maintaining complete confidentiality for participants;
  • Advice on work organisation to maximise wellbeing at work;

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Did you know?

28th Of April is the world day for safety and health at work.