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Physical Ergonomics

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), the term used to describe a variety of conditions including back pain, upper limb disorders (including RSI), neck pain, etc. are a significant problem for employers and employees alike in workplaces. 


  • lose staff who can no longer carry out their jobs;
  • find productivity is reduced because staff can’t work at the expected rate without injury;
  • face the expensive prospect of litigation.


  • lose their jobs;
  • have to live with pain and disability.

Not all MSDs are caused by work.  Some arise as a result of injuries outside the workplace, and some are the almost inevitable consequence of age-related degeneration.  However, if a condition stops an individual from working it is important to try and do something about it so that the employer retains valued, experienced workers – and employees keep their jobs.

Workplace Safety and Health imposes duties on employers, reflecting the important cost of these problems to the community and the need to try and reduce the problems at the workplace, rather than waiting for injuries to happen.

We can provide advice and services on the assessment and management of ergonomic issues including:

  • Comprehensive workplace/job ergonomic assessment
  • Compliance support for SS569: Code of practice for manual handling
  • Workplace/Job redesign consultancy (WDA WorkPro grant available)
  • Work with employers to help them retain older workers (WDA WorkPro grant available)
  • Ergonomic Training

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Did you know?

28th Of April is the world day for safety and health at work.