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Dust and Crystalline Silica

Dust monitoring often plays a key role in managing workplace exposures to hazardous substances. We undertake gravimetric analysis of dust samples which can then be further analysed for other substances. Quartz and other crystalline silica phases cause serious lung disease and are widely present in dusts associated with quarrying, construction work and other workplace environments. We can analyse for crystalline silica using X ray Diffraction (XRD), if there is a likelihood that quartz and/or high temperature silica phases such as cristobalite may be present (e.g. refractory products), or by infrared spectroscopy (IR) if quartz is the silica phase of interest (e.g. quarries, stone masonry).

Our scanning electron microscope (SEM) can be used to examine dust constituents at high magnification which when combined with elemental analysis by EDX can enable us to help clients identify specific dust sources such as cement dust or aluminium salt from a local stack. SEM can be a powerful tool in the identification of or elimination of potential dust sources causing nuisance in the general environment or concern in work and other indoor environments.

We have UKAS accreditation for the gravimetric analysis of dust on filters, crystalline silica by XRD and quartz by IR.

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