Occupational Hygiene

Risk Evaluation for Health Hazards

When assessing the risk of health hazards, all relevant risk factors should be taken into consideration. Exposure assessments should be conducted where appropriate for effective evaluation of health hazards.

IOM Singapore aims to promote good occupational hygiene practices to promote workers' health. We help our clients to conduct effective risk evaluation for health hazards in four simple phases: 

1) Identifying health hazards and risk factors

Our consultant will visit the client's workplace to conduct a walk through assessment. During this process, we will assist to identify all significant health hazards and the respective risk factors involved. Our team will prepare a concise report containing the list of identified health hazards, risk factors and recommendation on action plans for risk evaluation.

2) Exposure assessments and risk evaluation 

We support our client in the exposure assessment and risk evaluation for health hazards posed by hazardous chemicals, dusts, physical agents, biological agents and ergonomic factors. Our work involves the measurement and management of exposures including:

  • Exposure assessments for dusts, chemicals, physical and biological agents.
  • Assessments for planned or occasional exposures.
  • Assessments for human and culture factors.
  • Assessments for workplace design, human factor & Ergonomic factors
  • Advice on appropriate health based in-house occupational exposure limits.
  • Risk evaluation considering both hazard and exposure data. 

3) Result interpretation and developing control strategies 

Proper interpretation of risk evaluation result is important for developing effective control strategies. IOM provide experienced occupational hygiene consultants to help our client understand the results from exposure assessment & risk evaluation and advise on development of effective risk control strategy.  IOM is also leading experts in assisting our clients in establishing WSH and OH Programmes: 

  • Occupational Hygiene Programme
  • Hearing Conservation Programme 
  • Hazardous Substances Programme 
  • Ergonomics Programme
  • Biosafety Programme
  • Radiation Safety Programme

4) Implementation of control measures and training 

IOM consultant can continue to support on the implementation of the control measures. We also provide a wide range of occupational hygiene training for all level of the workforce. Occupational Hygiene Officers (OHO) will be deployed to conduct inspection and monitoring to measure the effectiveness of the control measures. Many of our clients continue to engage our OHOs to conduct regular inspections and maintainance of their WSH and OH programmes.

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Did you know?

87% was the increase in occupational disease reported in Singapore in 2011 (source: www.wshc.sg)