Safety of Nanomaterials

Why This Is important

Nanotechnology is one of the key enabling technologies driving innovation in the 21st century. However, uncertainties stemming from inadequately examined risks and a changing regulatory environment has slowed down investment and the market launch of products developed with new nanomaterials.

The pressure for breakthrough technologies via nanomaterials and technology is increasing and health impacts must be understood and removed.

How We Can help

In 2006, IOM set up SAFENANO to help organisations deal with those uncertainties in a proportionate way. Through SAFENANO, IOM is at the forefront of international efforts to understand, measure and address these uncertainties.

IOM Singapore has some of the foremost experts working to support Asian and multinational developments in this field. An opportunity now exists in Singapore to be at the forefront of safe nano-based innovation and production.

Did you know?

25% Of all major injuries in Singapore came from the construction sector. (Between January and June 2013)