Safety of Nanomaterials

Laboratory Services and Analysis

Using Characterisation to Support Risk Assessment

SAFENANO uses specialist laboratory services, including our own dedicated laboratory, to support the risk assessment of nanomaterial. Our services include;

  • Particle aerosolisation with in situ characterisation of number, size and surface area, and sampling for off-line microscopy, gravimetric and chemical analysis by ICPAES;
  • Particle fractionation to provide respirable-size-classified samples for toxicity assessments;
  • Simulation of common handling processes under controlled conditions;
  • Dustiness testing to European Standard EN 15051;
  • Biodurability assessment;
  • Analysis of air filter samples from routine- / reassurance monitoring;
  • Morphological and elemental sample analysis by SEM/EDXS;
  • Elemental Carbon determination (NIOSH 5040) for carbon-based nanomaterials;
  • Particle density measurement by Helium pycnometry;
  • Dynamic light scatting for particle sizer, zeta potential and molecular weight analysis;
  • Access to other specialist characterisation instrumentation (e.g. TEM, FT-IR, XPS, SIMS, Raman).

Did you know?

SAFENANO is one of the world’s pioneering consultancies in health risks with emerging technologies