Safety of Nanomaterials

Risk Assessment

Duty of Care with Nanotechnology Risks

SAFENANO can help you implement or adapt a proactive and comprehensive approach to nanotechnology risk management using best practice and life-cycle thinking, to provide:

  • An effective strategy for managing uncertainty and risk;
  • A basis for responsible stewardship of nanotechnologies and regulatory compliance;
  • Foresight of emerging issues along the supply chain;
  • Support for strategic decision-making, investment, market access, product development and business risk management.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessments through integration of hazard and exposure evaluations with recommendations on safe practice and appropriate control measures;
  • Reviews to scope, assess and interpret evidence and emerging issues;
  • Evidence appraisal to inform policy, guidance and standards development
  • Development of workplace exposure limits and safety datasheets;
  • Bespoke training to understand and manage risks;
  • Compliance checks with advice and support to comply with Regulation.


Did you know?

500 is the approx. number of clients IOM undertake work for each year