Safety of Nanomaterials

SAFENANO - Managing Uncertainty in Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnology is one of the key enabling technologies driving innovation in the 21st century. However, uncertainties stemming from inadequately examined risks and a changing regulatory environment has slowed down investment and the market launch of products developed with new nanomaterials.

SAFENANO is an IOM Centre of Excellence

In 2006, IOM set up SAFENANO to help organisations deal with those uncertainties in a proportionate way. Through SAFENANO, IOM is at the forefront of international efforts to understand, measure and address these uncertainties.

Addressing the concerns arising from exposure to nanomaterials requires an understanding of the intrinsic toxicity of the substance and the resulting health effects, its physico-chemical properties, the levels of exposure, and how to best manage these risks along the value chain from development through manufacture, use and disposal.

Integrate risk into your business strategy with the SAFENANO RiskMap

The SAFENANO RiskMap is IOM's latest offering to companies. It is a planning and management tool which helps companies address the challenges from novel risks and a changing regulatory environment, which slows down investment and the market launch of products developed with new nanomaterials. The SAFENANO RiskMap provides companies with an environmental, health and safety profile to make products that are safe from R&D to full production. This allows them integrate risk management in their innovation process and make it part of their business success.

Our team also helps you apply the RiskMap in your business. We provide tailored support to implement the mapped elements and we can train your EHS team to follow the recommendations as your company and production grows into a successful and sustainable future.

Bespoke support to your Emerging Technologies

Clients from all sectors can benefit from a range of SAFENANO services based on the best emerging knowledge. We provide you with bespoke support to allow for a more rapid innovation process involving nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Our services include:

  • Initial assessment of your products and business
  • Regulatory, compliance and standards support
  • Workplace audits, release and exposure assessment
  • Product development and testing for products that are safe by design
  • Development of company policies
  • Bespoke training for production staff, safety experts and management
  • System and facility design and acceptance testing

IOM is one of the leading organsations worldwide addressing these issues through our work with governments, industry and the academic community. Through our SAFENANO services we provide the evidence base for policy makers to develop effective and proportionate policies and support individual companies, helping them understand and manage risks to health at all stages in the innovation chain.

The IOM has published numerous articles and papers on nanotechnology and these can be sourced via the Knowledge Base.

More detailed information can also be sourced from the IOM group's SAFENANO website