Safety of Nanomaterials


The potential risks of working with and using nanomaterials and the need to use safe working practices have been widely reported. Our training courses are based on the best available emerging evidence on nanomaterial risks and internationally recognized best practice, (ISO, OECD).  

Our courses include an awareness level course designed to bring people up to speed on the emerging risk issues and how to deal with them and a hands-on practical course to equip people with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle nanomaterials in a laboratory setting. We can also develop and run bespoke courses tailored to your particular industry or application.

Our nano safety courses are suitable for anyone with an interest in nanomaterial risks and what to do about them including manufacturers, users, laboratory workers and safety professionals.  

Complete list of nanosafety courses
Nanomaterials Awareness
Management of Nanomaterials (coming soon!!)
Safe Laboratory Work with Nanomaterials

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100 is the approx. number of IOM workplace health consultants and advisors around the world