Workplace Safety

Deployment of WSH Professionals

Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy and a fast growing trend in many organisations. Outsourcing part or whole of the WSH function will allow the company to give greater attention to key business operational matters.

IOM Singapore deploys qualified WSH professionals to help our clients accomplish their WSH goals and objectives. Our WSH professionals have vast experience relevant to all major commercial, industrial, and service sectors.

Our range of professional deployment includes: 

  • Workplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHO) 
  • Occupational Hygiene Officers (OHO)
  • Workplace Safety and Health Coordinators
  • Workplace Safety and Health Supervisors
  • Fire Safety Managers (FSM)
  • Environmental Control Officers (ECO)

Contact us at +65 69146620 or drop an email to to identify a suitable consultant for your organisation. 


Did you know?

SAFENANO is one of the world’s pioneering consultancies in health risks with emerging technologies